james wright poem--"back to my skull, that is our face"

So She Said

“I’d rather not. I’m confused.”

I did not plow her darkenesses,
Only because I’d rather not
Flop rampant on the secrecies.
They are easy enough to violate.
Easy enough. As when my hand
Exploded my fantastic self
I did not know nor understand
The beauty of my lonely life.

She knew me lonely so she took
My bare body into her bed,
Yet could not bear to let me look
Her over, naked. For she said
She did not know if she could bear
two hundred pounds of the blind sky,
A man, a rock that breathes a woman’s hair.
Neither did I.

And when I lay me down to die
Let me call back I might have used
The woman of a girl who loved me
Enough to let me let her lie
Alone in her own loneliness
And mind her won good business.

I love for what I will become
In my good time when I go home
Back to my skull, that is our face.

                                 - James Wright