Painter Joze Tisnikar - "painter of death"

"Tisnikar’s job, philosophy and art were all interrelated. He developed an intimate knowledge of death from his years working in the hospital and morgue. As dark and dismal as this sounds, his paintings express a good variety of human experiences and emotions. Certainly, his images convey feelings of loneliness and despair but there is also evidence of great compassion, kindness and a kind of spiritual hope. He also clearly believed in an afterlife. It is not the idealized carefree existence in the clouds that we have seen depicted in children’s Bible illustrations, but more of a collective unification of body and spirit. In several of his paintings, lovers, spouses, mothers and children are seen clutching one another in an eternal embrace. In other works, we see human and animal figures standing together, creating a long chain that twists and winds towards an unknown destination on a deep blue and green horizon. Through this imagery, Tisnikar seems to be suggesting that although the body is weak and temporal, our close relationships and mutual sufferings - indeed, our very mortality, forever binds us to one another." -Filmmaker Tina Banda