something about coffins

something about coffins

coffins are a ritual behavior that denies death

the coffin protects the living from the image of the dead person, of the person they once knew alive and in motion

the coffin protects the imagination of the living from the image of a person without the living electricity of self-spirit joined to the body in some harmony of breath and life

the coffin protects the funeral-goer from the possibility of imagining him or herself as dead

when i put down my body, put my body outside

let the birds carry off the meat of my flesh until my bones are picked clean

let death be a reminder to live honest and right by what you believe

speak the truth that you may be strong, and others become strong by your honesty

let death remind you that every day is a call for you to live your life as you choose to live it today - now - no more, no less -

i am blessed. i died young. now i wear a good-looking corpse.

when i have left this clothing, let it enrich this earth we humans devour as we pretend not to depend on Her