The Stylist receives the Bronze Award in the Oregon Film Awards screenplay competition. 

FEATURE design by Michelle Decourcy!

Michelle Decourcy has joined the circle of The Stylist creatives to design a key costume for Lenore.  Michelle’s talent for connecting personally with her clients and then using her extraordinary vision and intuition to create the most perfect dress will be an incredible asset to our wardrobe department.  She already has her paws on the script and is diving into all the facets of Lenore’s character to design a piece that will deepen the visual storytelling.  If you haven’t heard of this one woman’s fascinating and inspiring story to success, reading her bio below is a treat… Welcome to the team Michelle!  


Michelle DeCourcy’s meteoric rise in the fashion industry has made her one of the industry’s shooting stars. Michelle burst onto the scene when Norah Jones wore her dress to the 2003 Grammy Awards. 

Three years later however, Michelle was diagnosed with a very rare form of Leukemia and had no choice but to begin aggressive chemotherapy. With the support of family and friends, she never once stopped fighting to live and pursue her passion for clothing design. After months of intense pain and treatment Michelle made a miraculous recovery and returned home to begin a new chapter of her life as a cancer survivor. As part of her recovery, Michelle decided to take a break from the fashion world and focus on her health and family. 

After an 18-month hiatus of self-reflection and relaxation, she returned to her design post and immediately realized she was happier in her career than ever before. Designing what she calls “a more casual version of the Michelle DeCourcy line, La Vie by Michelle DeCourcy is “Super fresh but not overwhelming.” She points out, “I turned to my own closet for inspiration and designed what I would wear every day.” As a result of this simple approach and her remarkable journey and rebirth, La Vie is the latest from one of Portland’s most talented designers. 

and the talent keeps rolling in...

and another day of fantastic news… mark orton,, agrees to join cloud cult in creating an incredible original score.  i worked with mark on my short film CPR, and was nothing short of astonished at his talent for bringing my imagery to whole new levels.  mark works in the mediums of film scoring, concert music and radio drama.  he is a multi-instrumentalist performing on all manner of guitars, keyboards, and percussion.  he is the co-founder of Tin Hat, a San Francisco Bay Area based composer/improviser collective with five critically acclaimed albums.  he has written scores for dozens of films - documentary, feature, and fine art - and has composed music for modern dance, theater, experimental radio, video-art installation, the circus, and concert hall.  welcome aboard mark!  

indie band CLOUD CULT signs on to score The Stylist!

About ten back and forth email chats, one script reading, and some heavy philosophical musing around the subject of death and dying, indie band CLOUD CULT,, has officially signed on to join me in this incredible creative journey. Though we’re still months away from even filming, once we have footage and rough edits for the band, they will begin creating an original score to bring Lenore’s story to life.  I’m overwhelmed with gratitude and excitement.  

Here’s their drool worthy bio: Craig Minowa is a songwriter/producer and recording engineer who is best known for his band Cloud Cult, for whom he writes and records all of the songs. Minowa’s music has topped the college radio charts for nearly a decade and has won rave reviews from a wide range of media outlets, including the New York Times, MTV, Rolling Stone Magazine, LA Times and Spin Magazine. The Denver Post ranked his music in the “Top 10 Best Albums of the Decade”. He has been offered various major label record deals, but he turned them all down in order to maintain control of the environmental manner in which his CDs are made and in which the band tours.     He established Earthology Records in 2000, a not-for-profit record label that is focused on providing musicians with tools to tour and manufacture CDs in an environmentally friendly manner. Although it is now considered trendy in the music industry to be “green”, National Public Radio noted in 2010 that Minowa’s Earthology Records was one of the pioneering leaders.   Minowa’s songwriting has been heavily motivated by the unexplained death of his two year old son in 2002. Every album follows the various steps of the grieving process. The most recent CD, his ninth full length album, made it onto the Billboard Charts, which is unheard of for an independent band. It is a concept album about the search for God and the afterlife.   In 2008, Minowa also began scoring music for National Geographic documentaries, and has since been commissioned to score more than a dozen feature length documentaries for the channel. His music has also been heard on various mainstream movies and television shows.